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abortion  ↑

III,6: Bad attitudes toward childbearing contribute to the pro-abortion cause, Anne Schmiesing

IV,1: A most urgent work of mercy, Jeff Ziegler

about the concourse  ↑

I,1: Why the Concourse; Why now?, the editors

I,7: Concluding remarks, the editors

II,2: The challenge of the Concourse: discussion without (much) contention, Kathleen van Schaijik

II,3: When old ideas are breaking up, Kathleen van Schaijik

III,1: What is the University Concourse?, Kathleen van Schaijik

III,6: A point of principle, Kathleen van Schaijik

ad hominem arguments  ↑

I,5: Getting personal, the editors

anonymous articles & the concourse  ↑

III,6: A point of policy, Kathleen van Schaijik

bioethics  ↑

VIII,2: Biotechnology: what we don’t know tells us what we can’t do, John Henry Crosby

campus life  ↑

II,6: The ivory tower of campus life, Justine Schmiesing

catholic culture  ↑

I,4: Technology and Simplicity in Catholic Culture, Daniel Ellis

III,1: Where do we go from here?, Regis Martin

catholic education  ↑

II,8: Fantasy and moral development, Kay Cummins

II,8: The complexity of schooling choices, Susan C. Fischer

III,5: Public schools and moral degeneracy, Martha L. Blandford

IV,3: More research, less religion: What’s wrong with modern universities, Kevin Schmiesing

catholics & the death penalty  ↑

III,5: Should Catholics oppose the death penalty?, Noelle Hiester

III,6: Catholic teaching on capital punishment, Kathleen van Schaijik

charismatic & traditional spirituality  ↑

II,1: Can charismatics and traditionalists peacefully coexist?, Kathleen van Schaijik

II,7: Confrontation and culture at Franciscan University, David Schmiesing

II,8: Traditionalists, charismatics and the liturgy, Adam Tate

II,9: Why tradition in the liturgy is so important to our religious life, Alice von Hildebrand

II,9: Charisms are traditional, Alicia Hernon

II,9: Why ‘charismatic spirituality’ belongs at the heart of our communal life, Kathleen van Schaijik

III,1: Filling out the meaning of the term ‘Charismatic’, Jim Weiner

III,3: Campus Spiritualities: Responding to charismatic critics, Adam Tate

III,3: Campus Spiritualities: Tongues in Scripture, Gerald E. Hatcher

IV,7: The importance of engaging questions about our campus culture, Mark Fischer

V,3: A match made in heaven, Carole Brown

V,4: Bringing the masses from starvation to full strength, Kathleen van Schaijik

V,4: Baptism in the Holy Spirit goes beyond the charisms, Ralph Sharafinski

V,4: Latin, Gregorian Chant, and the Spirit of Vatican II, Jeff Ziegler

V,4: Learning about the Eastern Rites, Michael Wrasman

V,4: Complimentary opponents of modernism, Michael Houser

V,4: What does ‘charismatic’ really mean?, Adam Tate

V,4: The blessings of both sides: a personal testimony, Sr. Jane M. Abeln, SMIC

VI,1: Reconsidering the term ‘Baptism in the Holy Spirit’, Scott Johnston

charismatic renewal  ↑

VI,2: Reviving the renewal, Steve Kroeger

christianity & capitalism  ↑

I,3: God and Caesar: Christianity in the marketplace, Michael Welker

I,5: Keeping Caesar under God: Social doctrines provide the true measure of economic systems, Julio Demasi

I,6: God and Caesar, Stratford Caldecott

I,7: Capitalism (1), Stratford Caldecott

II,1: Capitalism (2), Martha L. Blandford

II,3: The downsides of capitalism, Regina Schmiedicke

II,5: Considering receptivity in rethinking economic structures, Nicholas J. Healy

II,5: Capitalism clarified, Martha L. Blandford

II,5: Et tu, Regina?, Michael Welker

II,6: Capitalism re-clarified, from a different perspective, Thomas E. Graham

II,6: Regina Schmiedicke defends the third way, Regina Schmiedicke

II,7: Capitalism: a response to Dr. Graham and Regina Schmiedicke, Martha L. Blandford

II,8: The moral role of government, Thomas E. Graham

computers  ↑

IV,2: The Real Answer to ‘The Last Question:’ Limits to the power of computers, Edward G. Kovach

core curriculum  ↑

I,1: Shouldn’t we have a real core curriculum at Franciscan University?, John F. Crosby

I,2: What is a ‘real’ Catholic education?, Kathleen van Schaijik

I,2: Core curriculum (1), R.J. Convery

I,2: Core curriculum (2), Jim Fox

I,3: Core curriculum (3), Katherine Kemmis

I,4: Core curriculum and anti-intellectualism, Adam Tate

I,5: Core curriculum and critical thinking, Joseph A. Loizzo

I,6: Core curriculum (4), Regis Martin

I,7: Making ‘the connection’: A Steubenville education, Regina Schmiedicke

I,7: A defense of a diversified core, Mark Fischer

II,1: In reply to Mark Fischer’s defense of the present core curriculum, John F. Crosby

II,2: More on the curriculum debate, Mark Fischer

II,3: Last words on the core, John F. Crosby

IV,4: What liberal educators may not omit, Regis Martin

IV,5: Dr. Martin does it again, Joanna K. M. Bratten

IV,5: FUS needs to get more practical about education, Peter Cole

IV,5: Why non-liberal majors need a liberal core, Susan C. Fischer

IV,6: The real purpose of liberal education, Ben Brown

IV,7: The will and the intellect are inseparable, Martha L. Blandford

IV,7: Preparing students to compete in the global economy, Peter Cole

IV,7: Education not limited to the mind, Susan C. Fischer

IV,7: According to the Tradition, education aims beyond the intellect, Matthew Fish

V,1: More on the aim of education: Ben Brown replies to his critics, Ben Brown

V,2: Preparing FUS graduates for the modern world, Jason Negri

V,3: Liberal arts and professional programs: a reply to Jason Negri, Ben Brown

V,3: Let’s improve our stats, Sofia Genato

V,3: The ideal of perfecting the mind is timeless, Michael Houser

V,3: Cultivating the intellect, Anne Schmiesing

V,5: The eternally practical liberal arts, Timothy J. Williams

V,5: Computers and liberal learning, Ben Brown

V,6: Liberal arts with professional training: the best of both worlds, Thomas E. Kelly

V,7: Education is not primarily about preparing to evangelize in the workplace, Ben Brown

V,7: The God gap in the workplaces of the world, Peter Cole

V,8: Arrogant idealism, Jason Negri

IV,7: Newman, education and context, Kathleen van Schaijik

corporate repentance  ↑

II,4: Corporate Contrition: Repenting for the sins of two millenia, Mary Healy

II,5: Is corporate repentance really possible?, David Bradshaw

II,6: A reply on repentance, Mary Healy

courtship  ↑

V,7: A Catholic critique of a current notion of courtship, Kathleen van Schaijik

V,8: Reforming our thinking about courtship and sexuality, William Craig

V,8: The influence of Puritanism, Jeff Zare

V,8: Thank you, thank you!, Catherine Egan

democracy  ↑

I,5: Democracy: The voice of God or the madness of the mob?, Rebecca Bratten

I,6: Democracy, Kevin Schmiesing

I,7: The goodness of Democracy & the aristocratic response, Jim Fox

disarmament and the gospel  ↑

III,6: The gospel and disarmament, Sr. Mary O'Connor

distance education  ↑

III,2: FUS and distance education: Some doubts, John F. Crosby

III,2: FUS and distance education: At the threshold of a new missionary frontier, Stephen Miletic

III,3: Doubts about DE that won’t go away: Response to Dr. Miletic, John F. Crosby

III,3: FUS distance ed: a gift to the Church: A current student’s perspective, Richard W. May

III,3: Distance technology alone cannot provide a proper university education, Anne Schmiesing

III,3: How might we improve our education for both residents and DE students?, Nicholas J. Healy

III,4: Oral traditions and distance education, John F. Crosby

III,4: Distance Education: is it good enough?, Jim Fox

III,6: What is our mission, really?, Kathleen van Schaijik

distributism  ↑

V,5: What is distributism?, Thomas Storck

V,6: (re)Distributism (re)Considered, Joseph Zoric

V,6: Towards a humane economy: a reply to Thomas Storck, Philip Harold

V,7: The good of distributism: a reply to critics, Thomas Storck

V,7: Inner life of society determines value of economic systems, Daniel Ellis

V,8: Distributism or the Free Economy?, Kevin Schmiesing

V,8: A personalist point regarding economics, Philip Harold

VI,1: Distributism, state power and papal teachings, Thomas Storck

VI,1: The legitimacy of wealth, Genevieve Belland

VI,2: A different interpretation of the social encyclicals, David Schmiesing

VI,2: Broadening the Distributism Discussion, Philip Harold

VII,1: The economic role of the medieval guilds, Thomas Storck

VIII,1: Social credit: a distributist reform of the financial system, Oliver Heydorn

VIII,2: The unfeasibility of the Social Credit solution, Gabriel Martinez

VIII,2: Social Credit is no alternative, Joseph Zoric

VIII,2: Kudos to Heydorn, Thomas Storck

V,8: Beware of economic Puritanism, Kathleen van Schaijik

eastern christianity  ↑

VI,1: The importance of understanding Eastern Christianity, Anthony T. Dragani

VI,2: Thanks for the words about Eastern Christianity, Katherine E.M. DeLine

VI,2: Eastern Christianity and Western Liturgical Reform, Adam Tate

ecumenism  ↑

I,1: ‘Preach Out’ beats out prejudice, Katherine E.M. DeLine

egoism and st. thomas  ↑

V,8: Is St. Thomas’s thought egoistical?, Patrick Lee

eucharistic ministers  ↑

II,7: Lay ministers of the Eucharist are supposed to be ‘extraordinary’, Noelle Hiester

II,8: On Catholic charity or tolerance, Fr. Giles Dimmock

II,8: When zeal for orthodoxy overcomes charity, Alicia Hernon

II,9: In defense of Noelle Hiester, Cat Clark

III,4: Roma locuta est, causa finita est: the end of a Concourse debate, Jeff Ziegler

III,5: Little hope for change, Noel S. McFerran

III,5: Different degrees of authority, Kathleen van Schaijik

III,6: A suggestion regarding Extraordinary Ministers, Kathleen van Schaijik

euthanasia  ↑

I,4: When judges play king: Suicide becomes a Constitutional right, Mark Fischer

evolution  ↑

IV,5: What should Catholics think of evolution?, Michael Healy

IV,5: A closer look at evolution, Benjamin J. Brown

III,6: Evolution, Kathleen van Schaijik

ezzo parenting method  ↑

III,6: The link between contraception and the Ezzo parenting method, Dan and Kay Cummins

IV,2: Being wise parents means being open to learning from different perspectives, Michael and Alicia Hernon

V,3: Balance in parenting methods, Butch Kinerney

feminism & masculinism  ↑

II,3: The persistence of ‘masculinism’ at Franciscan University, Elizabeth Magaletta

II,4: Grasping at Receptivity, the PhenTom of Franciscan University

II,5: Sexism in any form denigrates both men and women, Michael Healy

II,6: Elizabeth Magaletta replies to Michael Healy on Feminism, Elizabeth Magaletta

II,7: A reply on feminism and masculinism, Michael Healy

fus & the surrounding culture  ↑

I,3: Orthodox not paradox, Kathleen van Schaijik

I,4: How does a university evangelize?, Kathleen van Schaijik

IV,1: JPII to FUS: Do not be afraid to listen to the surrounding culture, John F. Crosby

grade-worship  ↑

V,7: Idol worship of the ‘A’ and the student/professor relationship, Ronda Chervin

grand prize winners  ↑

I,7: The first annual Concourse Grand Prize, the editors

II,9: Winner of the second annual Concourse Grand Prize, the editors

III,6: Winner of the third annual Concourse Grand Prize, the editors

IV,7: Prize announcements, the editors

V,8: Prize announcements, the editors

great lives  ↑

III,1: R.I.P. A tribute to some great lives, Joanna K. M. Bratten

grunge & culture  ↑

I,7: God and Grunge at Franciscan University, Nicholas J. Healy

II,1: God and grunge revisited, Richard Fougerousse

homeschooling  ↑

II,7: To homeschool or not to homeschool, Joanna K. M. Bratten

hope heaven and hell  ↑

II,9: On hope, heaven and hell, Nick Jr. Healy

households  ↑

III,1: How not to help households, Kathleen van Schaijik

III,2: About households (1), Catherine Blum

III,2: An outsider’s perspective on the household problem, Matt McGuiness

III,2: About households (2), Gregory M.A. Gronbacher

III,2: An alum’s perspective on households, Christopher P. Wright

III,3: Silence betokens ... What?, Kathleen van Schaijik

III,5: What were households meant to be?, Kathleen van Schaijik

III,6: A thought about what might be behind the household problem, Martha L. Blandford

III,6: Student Life’s image tarnished by failure to respond to criticism, Susan C. Fischer

III,6: A final thought on the household issue, Kathleen van Schaijik

in loco parentis  ↑

IV,6: ‘In loco parentis’: invasions of privacy or moral formation?, Joanna K. M. Bratten

V,2: Brief comments on two of last semester’s articles, Alice von Hildebrand

IV,7: Of private and collegiate morality, Kathleen van Schaijik

judging  ↑

VI,1: The evil of exorcising judgement, Kathleen van Schaijik

labor unions  ↑

V,1: The problem of unjust conditions in Catholic organizations, Regina Schmiedicke

V,2: Response to ‘The problem of unjust conditions in Catholic organizations.’, Kevin Schmiesing

V,2: The danger of over-generalizing a few instances of injustice, Michael Welker

V,2: A key difference between ‘Church work’ and regular ‘work’, Peter Cole

V,5: Rights of workers: an under-appreciated part of Catholic social teaching, John F. Cavanaugh O'Keefe

V,6: Clarifying some points on unfair labor practices, Michael Welker

leadership programs  ↑

V,1: The value of leadership development seminars, David Schmiesing

IV,7: How to become a leader, Kathleen van Schaijik

liturgical dancing  ↑

II,1: Dance has no place in Liturgical context, Amanda Glass

II,4: Dancing for God, Kay Cummins

II,5: Did they dance at the crucifixion?, Andrew L. Bloomfield

liturgical music  ↑

I,6: Apologia pro disputatione musica, the editors

I,6: Liturgical music at FUS: A call to reform the present style, Joanna K. M. Bratten

I,6: Liturgical music at FUS: Some points in defense of the present style, Regina Schmiedicke

I,7: Keeping our worship in step with ‘what the Spirit is saying’ to FUS, Kathleen van Schaijik

I,7: Liturgical music, Fr. Daniel Pattee

IV,6: A growing thirst for traditional liturgy, Anthony T. Dragani

liturgical reform  ↑

VII,1: A plea for the promotion of the Tridentine Rite, Michael Houser

VIII,2: Liturgical reforms were valid, but defective, Michael Houser

masculinity and femininity  ↑

VII,1: The mysterious difference between the sexes., Scott Johnston

modesty  ↑

IV,4: Modesty and beauty - the lost connection, Regina Schmiedicke

IV,5: A different perspective on the modesty question, Kathleen van Schaijik

IV,6: Noticing the attractiveness of modesty among FUS women, Justine Schmiesing

IV,6: Another thought on modesty, John F. Crosby

mothers & higher education  ↑

II,2: How higher education pays off for full time mothers, Susan Fischer

nfp  ↑

I,1: NFP, by itself, does not compromise the marriage vocation, Kathleen van Schaijik

I,2: NFP (1), Carole Brown

I,2: NFP (2), Susan C. Fischer

I,3: NFP (3), Carole Puccio

I,4: NFP and connaturality, Kathleen van Schaijik

I,6: NFP and breastfeeding, Daniel Ellis

VII,1: Abusing NFP, Kathleen van Schaijik

VIII,1: Marriage and the use of Natural Family Planning, Thomas Storck

VIII,1: Beware laxism, John F. Crosby

VIII,1: NFP and peace of mind, TG

VIII,1: The logic of love, Michael Houser

no shame in success  ↑

III,1: No shame in success, Jason Negri

III,2: About secular vocations, Myriah Christine

opus dei at fus  ↑

I,1: What is Opus Dei, and what role does it play at Franciscan University?, Richard Gordon

philosophy  ↑

VI,1: Philosophy department at FUS needs a better theological base, Steve Kellmeyer

VI,2: The nature and autonomy of philosophy, John Henry Crosby

VI,2: Reflections on the last issue, Michael Healy

VI,2: How we should imitate St. Thomas in our philosophizing, Scott Johnston

VI,2: Overbearing theology emasculates philosophy, Oliver Heydorn

physics & god  ↑

IV,7: A prize winning physicist out of his depth, Kathleen van Schaijik

pluralism and orthodoxy  ↑

IV,1: Pluralism and orthodoxy, Joanna K. M. Bratten

IV,2: Charity requires us to proclaim the fullness of Truth, Alice von Hildebrand

IV,3: A wake-up call regarding the judicial usurpation of politics, Michael Peck

IV,3: A proper pluralism: balancing the truth with freedom of conscience, Omar F.A. Gutierrez

IV,4: The arrogance complex, Alice von Hildebrand

poetry  ↑

I,3: Ode to Heidegger, Bill Marra

III,6: Everyone’s a poet, JMS

politics of the list  ↑

II,5: Trumpeting all the right views will not solve the crisis facing America, Mark Fischer

polygamy  ↑

II,1: The horror of polygamy and the persistence of chauvinistic theories in Catholic academia, Kathleen van Schaijik

II,2: Polygamy, the Natural Law and St. Thomas, Michael Waldstein

II,2: Polygamy and name calling, Jeff Ziegler

II,3: Polygamy in natural law, Eric M. Weldon

II,3: Polygamy and secular concepts, David Bradshaw

II,4: Objections from an etymologist, John R. Holmes

II,4: Why the polygamy problem is not as passe as it appears: Kathleen van Schaijik responds to critics, Kathleen van Schaijik

positive psychology  ↑

IV,7: A positive psychology, Kathleen van Schaijik

possibility of space aliens  ↑

II,5: The Catholic Church and the Little Green Man, Justine Schmiesing

II,6: Can E.T.‘s be? Do they fit in with the O.T. and the N.T.?, John R. Holmes

III,5: How hobbits and company might really exist, Michael Healy

III,6: They’re ba-a-ack, Justine Schmiesing

IV,3: Some follow-up remarks on the Tolkien discussion, Michael Healy

professionalism  ↑

IV,7: Professionalism—primary or secondary?, Susan Hunt

public discourse  ↑

IV,7: The Nature, Purpose and Value of Public Discourse, Franciscan University Student Forum

response to soldiers  ↑

IV,1: The reality of war and our proper response, Tony Flood

rock music  ↑

I,2: The ‘role’ of rock: Beauty and truth in the not so fine arts, Mark Fischer

I,3: What is a responsible appraisal of rock?, Andrew L. Minto

I,3: Rock music: A response to Andrew Minto, Mark Fischer

I,4: Rock music and Catholic culture, Michael H. Smith

I,5: Rock music, Cynthia and Michael Welker

I,6: Providentialism and rock music, Alice von Hildebrand

II,1: Ride on, King Jesus: The blessing of ‘black’ music, Mark Schultz

sex scandal in the church  ↑

VII,1: A new kind of scandal, Mark Fischer

VII,1: It’s not the Vatican, it’s the laity, Kathleen van Schaijik

shakespeare  ↑

V,1: Why I reject the Shakespearean ‘heresies’, Robert Englert

V,2: What matters the identity or the sexual orientation of ‘Shakespeare’?, Joanna K. M. Bratten

V,3: The ‘Stratford man’ and the Shakespearean canon: no match at all, Kathleen van Schaijik

V,3: Literary works not severed from their human source, Justine Schmiesing

V,6: The Shakespeare issue: a response from a literature student, John Doman

V,6: Kathleen van Schaijik replies to John Doman on Shakespeare, Kathleen van Schaijik

V,8: Shakespeare and the Catholic question, Glen Cascino

III,6: What if Shakspere wasn’t Shakespeare?, Kathleen van Schaijik

IV,7: Oxford gaining on Shakspere, Kathleen van Schaijik

V,8: Shakespeare debate update, Kathleen van Schaijik

sports & scholarship at fus  ↑

II,1: Sports before studies: FUS not exempt from the American-college tendency to idolize athletics, Joanna K. M. Bratten

II,2: A plea from a Frisbee lover, Maria Ellis

II,2: Sports at Franciscan University, Ivan Ortiz

II,3: Scholarship at Franciscan University, Mary McElwee

st. thomas & catholic philosophy  ↑

I,1: To Systematize or not to Systematize: Philosophy at a Catholic University, Rebecca Bratten

I,2: Why the Church gives St. Thomas primacy of place in Catholic education, Edy Morel de la Prada

I,3: The freedom of Catholic philosophers: Why we need not necessarily give primacy to St. Thomas, Richard Gordon

I,4: St. Thomas and freedom: a reply to Richard Gordon, Edy Morel de la Prada

I,4: St. Thomas and Catholic connaturality, Michael Waldstein

I,5: Thomism and intellectual freedom, Kathleen van Schaijik

I,6: Chairman addresses the question of Thomism in Franciscan University’s philosophy department, John F. Crosby

I,6: Thomism, Courtney Scharfe

I,7: A respectful reply to Dr. Crosby, Edy Morel de la Prada

I,7: Finding common ground between Thomists and non-Thomists in Catholic philosophy, John F. Crosby

II,3: On dwarfs, giants and little boys, Jules van Schaijik

II,4: Why the little boy is more apt than the dwarf, Richard W. Cross

II,5: Thomas not just a doctor, but a saint, Jim Fox

studiousness  ↑

V,5: On the virtue of studiousness, Michael J. Healy

submission of wife to husband  ↑

III,6: The Challenge of Ephesians 5:21-33, Alicia Hernon

swearing until death  ↑

IV,1: Love Never Leaves, Kathleen van Schaijik

tension  ↑

II,8: The blessings of tension, Patricia Maher

the arts  ↑

I,2: Wherefore fine arts?, Joanna K. M. Bratten

I,2: The Aesthetics of Architecture, Mary McElwee

the creed and the real presence  ↑

III,1: A question to ponder, Cathy I. Maxim

III,3: Absence of the Real Presence, Mary Healy

the need to change pro-life rethoric  ↑

II,3: Changing the rhetoric in the abortion debate, Irene M. Lagan

thumbs down for the concourse  ↑

II,3: Disappointed with the Concourse, Steven J. Brust

thumbs up for the concourse  ↑

I,2: Commendations (1), Charles Fischer

I,2: Commendations (2), Regis Martin

I,3: Commendations (3), Christopher P. Wright

I,4: Commendations and comments (1), Christine Boyle

I,5: Commendations (4), Thomas Howard

I,5: Commendations (5), Becky Faraj

I,5: Commendations (6), Elizabeth Brown

I,7: Commendations and comments (2), Albert Faraj

I,7: Commendations and comments (3), Nina Kay

II,1: Subscription renewal, Daniel Ellis

II,1: A thank you note, Regis Martin

II,3: Thanks for discomfort, Judith Bratten

II,9: Renewed commendations, Christopher P. Wright

III,2: Commendations (7), Ruth Ann Stearns

III,5: Thank you, Jim and Meg Beckman

IV,1: Compliments from a reader, Joe Griesemer

IV,1: More compliments, Robert Thomas

IV,3: Enjoying the concourse, Magree Magree

time travel  ↑

VII,1: Time travel: is it the future or is it fantasy?, Ben Brown

VIII,1: On the (Im)possibility of time travel, Patrick Toner

tolkien  ↑

VII,1: ‘The Fellowship of the Ring’: the film is not the book., Jason Negri

VIII,1: Hobbits and Hogwarts, Ben Brown

two orders of goodness  ↑

III,3: The abysmal difference between two orders of goodness, Alice von Hildebrand

women and politics  ↑

VI,1: Women and politics: Do they mix?, Susan C. Fischer

y2k  ↑

IV,4: Many projections of Y2K disasters are based on fear and hype, Edward G. Kovach