Commendations and comments (1)

by Christine Boyle

How excited I was to receive the first issue of the University Concourse! I have several comments:

The Editorial Board, Editorial Assistants and Board of Advisers are all respectable and even admirable individuals.

The layout and design are excellent.

I agree with Dr. Crosby. During my four years as a nursing major at FUS, it was evident that many of my peers (not all of them) lacked knowledge of fundamental truths. Their ideas and opinions seemed often (not always) based on emotion or on what they had been “told,” rather than on their own understanding of truth.

On ecumenism: Are we tending toward Christian worldwide unity or Catholic worldwide unity? I wonder: Did Jesus Christ come to draw us more closely to Him through any Christian denomination we choose out of love God? Why did He celebrate the Last Supper and walk the Way of the Cross and die for our sins, if we may have faith and love Him under any denomination? Did the Church change its doctrine to say that there is eternal salvation outside the Catholic Church? Have Catholics been relieved of their responsibilities to bring those outside the Church to the fullness of Truth, Faith and Grace? If one is horrified by a lack of Catholic purpose during the “Preach Out” does this imply one is prejudiced toward Christian brothers and sisters?

Ecumenism demands caution. Let us be sure that when we act to embrace our “separated bretheren,” we act out of correct Catholic consciences and not out of false and undiscriminating enthusiasm. Let us pray for the love and courage to always declare the truth of the Catholic Faith.

Christine Boyle, Class of ‘94

Christine Boyle lives with her family in New Jersey, where she works as a nurse at a Catholic institution.