More compliments

by Robert Thomas

Having just finished the latest Concourse, I am more than ever sold on its importance to Franciscan University. You have supplied a missing and much needed opportunity for intellectual conversation among students, faculty and friends like me. Fortunately you have set your goal high, demanding both literary quality and content importance. Although adherence to this standard will be difficult at times, the journal provides a much needed outlet of intellectual thought emanating from the University. Please keep it up.

While the Concourse may cause some friction at times, your own goal as publisher, which you enunciate quite clearly and well, should be reiterated from time to time so that your readers will be reminded that all things should speak to the glory of our Lord Jesus, and so that the Concourse develops new and richer harmony as it grows older and hopefully more and more helpful.

Robert Thomas

Mr. Thomas is a trustee of Franciscan University. He lives in Florida.