Prize announcements

by the editors

This year’s Concourse Grand Prize,

Dinner for two at the Grand Concourse Restaurant in Pittsburgh,

goes to

Dr. Ronda Chervin

Philosophy Professor at
Our Lady of Corpus Christi Institute

for her issue 7 article:
Idol worship of the ‘A’ and the student/professor relationship

The editors chose this article from among several worthy contenders, for its friendly, interrogative spirit, and because it provides a great example of a particular Concourse principle—namely, that one need not have a finished view on a given topic in order to make a valuable contribution to an worthwhile discussion. To raise questions and invite dialogue is to foster the kind of lively intellectual exchange that is the essence of the University Concourse.

The second annual Concourse Baby-Grand Prize,

a $30 gift certificate to Barnes and Noble,

goes to alumna

Anne Schmiesing

for her very thoughtful issue 3 contribution
to the discussion of liberal arts, entitled:
Cultivating the intellect

Our thanks and congratulations to both winners!

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