Thanks for the words about Eastern Christianity

by Katherine E.M. DeLine

My thanks to Anthony Dragani for his thoughtful article on Eastern Christianity. I am continually surprised by how many faithful Roman Catholics have no concept of how diverse our Faith is. Most Roman Catholics seem to think that the Eastern churches are all Orthodox—if they think of them at all. The Easter Catholic churches have so much to offer all Catholics. I concur with Mr. Dragani when he says that the Eastern Churches, and especially the Byzantine Church (which I attend), offer solutions to the “traditional” versus “progressive” liturgical debate in the Roman Catholic Church. In fact, most of the issues in that debate do not exist at all in the Eastern churches.

I think Roman Catholics would do well to find the Eastern Catholic churches in their area and experience for themselves what is meant by the Universal Church.

Eastern Catholics are very welcoming, and enjoy every opportunity to explain how our one Faith is expressed differently through liturgy and custom. In this new millennium, I hope Catholics from all churches will open heart and mind to achieve true unity in the Faith, a unity through mutual understanding.

Katherine E. DeLine, FUS Class of ‘98

Katherine DeLine will be moving to Rome from Denver in a few months. She is to be married in Gaming, Austria in June.