Capitalism (1)

by Stratford Caldecott

Michael Welker’s reply to my last letter is eminently sensible, and I am aware of the dangers to which he refers, including the danger of inadvertently increasing government interference in our lives whilst trying to “legislate a culture of love.” However, the question is partly about the supposed “neutrality” of our present system. It could be argued that our governments are at present effectively legislating a culture of death.

I share the desire for what he calls a “deep integration” between economics and theology, and I hope to remain in touch with Michael Welker and others who may be in a position to contribute to this integration during the next few years. The Centre for Faith & Culture, which I direct, is in the process of setting up a research project on the “Sane Economy” precisely to address the concerns he expresses so eloquently.

Stratford Caldecott, Westminster College,Oxford

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