Noticing the attractiveness of modesty among FUS women

by Justine Schmiesing

I want to thank both Regina Schmiedicke and Katie van Schaijik for giving us their thought-provoking perspectives on modesty.   Thanks to their discussion, the issue has been on my mind, and at the Easter Vigil Mass on campus this year I couldn’t help but be struck by the appearance of the young women attending. Virtually all the ones I saw were dressed with unquestionable modesty—most with ankle-length skirts or dresses, without garish make-up or jewelry. Their outfits were form-flattering, not revealing or attention-grabbing. They radiated femininity and beauty. I had to agree whole-heartedly when someone commented that, dressed that way, they were even more beautiful than when they were decked out for a formal dance.

How God must have looked down lovingly on His daughters that day as they celebrated the resurrection of the Bridegroom!

Justine Schmiesing, Class of ‘94