Balance in parenting methods

by Butch Kinerney

In reference to “Being wise parents means being open to learning from different perspectives” by Michael and Alicia Hernon (Vol.IV, issue 2), I just wanted to thank them for finally putting some perspective on this whole issue. As practicing Catholics and first-time parents, we too want to raise our child in a loving Christian home, but also one which places a high premium on honor and civilized behavior in a world where too little attention is paid to those values. At the same time, we certainly do not want to raise “Stepford Baby” as many detractors of Babywise accuse. The middle-of-the-road, use-it-with-a-grain-of-salt approach makes the most sense we’ve seen yet. Thanks!

Butch Kinerney, Website reader

Mr. Kinerney, who is not connected with FUS, found the article he refers to by an altavista search on “Babywise.”