Thank you

by Jim and Meg Beckman

Thank you for the wonderful apostolate work you are doing for the Lord and His people through the Concourse. We are enjoying the lively discourses on the varied theological and philosophical topics. We miss the University and the late-night intellectual pow-wows we used to have there. These sorts of discussions and dialogues rarely occur in typical parish life-at least not with the same depth and breadth. And so the Concourse is helping fill a need that was once filled attending graduate school in Steubenville.

Jim and Meg Beckman

Jim (class of ‘87) and Meg (Forsyth, MA class of ‘93) Beckman live in Colorado, where Jim is a youth minister, and Meg is coordinator of adult religious education programs for the diocese of Denver. Jim also continues to lead FUS youth conferences. They are expecting their second child in October.