Thomas not just a doctor, but a saint

by Jim Fox

I have been fascinated by the debate in the Concourse over our proper relationship to St. Thomas Aquinas. However, the debate—at least explicitly—has underestimated the role the Communion of Saints plays in every aspect of our lives. At a Catholic university this is an impoverishment.

Of course we should not treat the writings of St. Thomas as though they were sacred Scripture. On the other hand, it does not seem prudent to treat his writings as suspect until proven otherwise: surely he has at least earned the benefit of the doubt.

But, more importantly, we neither stand on St. Thomas’ shoulders nor rest in his lap (though the latter seems more accurate, except perhaps for someone such as John Paul II). Rather we have a relationship to St. Thomas that yields far greater fruit than the writings of any mere philosopher or the search for abstract truths ever could (which is not to say we ought not to be diligently searching for such truths).

We are in communion on our knees with St. Thomas, who intercedes for us and never ceases to help unite us spiritually and intellectually closer to the source and summit of all holiness and truth, Jesus Christ.

Jim Fox, Executive Director of University Relations

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