Commendations and comments (2)

by Albert Faraj

Reading Concourse issue 6 leads me to write the following. The very articles and debates held in this publication demonstrate how pressing a need there is for such a forum. The decision to approach the issue of liturgical music at FUS by publishing well-reasoned, articulate, yet conflicting positions impresses me. Also, Dr. Crosby’s cogent and intelligent response to Mr. Morel de la Prada’s comments provides further evidence of the value of “an independent journal of opinion.”

Even in the vibrant learning environment of FUS, it is sometimes easy to mistake personal opinions for Truth itself. We must always be careful not to extend the absoluteness of the teachings of the Church beyond the limits she herself has set. I applaud the efforts of the Concourse to challenge this tendency.

Allow me to briefly comment on a couple of the discussions:

Regarding NFP, as a person who teaches it, I cannot emphasize enough the need for us to challenge each other to do God’s will without crossing the line of judging the motivations of others. (Enough said!)

Regarding the core curriculum, while not attempting to minimize (or deny) the need for reform, I propose that FUS must first address the need for improved career planning services. I did not attend the University, but my wife, two brothers, one cousin and myriads of friends did. Many of them did not feel adequately prepared (on a purely practical level) for what they would encounter in life after school. The University would do well to give students more help in establishing their long-range goals, in order to better allow them to select the best direction for their education. This seems to me the issue requiring more prompt attention. I strongly believe in the education and development of the whole person; I do not think that improved career preparation for life after FUS conflicts with a truly liberal education.

May God bless your continued efforts!

Albert Faraj

Albert and Becky (Lennon, ‘90) Faraj live in Dearborn, Michigan.

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