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Abeln, SMIC, Sr. Jane M.  ↑

V,4 The blessings of both sides: a personal testimony

Beckman, Jim and Meg  ↑

III,5 Thank you

Belland, Genevieve  ↑

VI,1 The legitimacy of wealth

Blandford, Martha L.  ↑

II,1 Capitalism (2)

II,5 Capitalism clarified

II,7 Capitalism: a response to Dr. Graham and Regina Schmiedicke

III,5 Public schools and moral degeneracy

III,6 A thought about what might be behind the household problem

IV,7 The will and the intellect are inseparable

Bloomfield, Andrew L.  ↑

II,5 Did they dance at the crucifixion?

Blum, Catherine  ↑

III,2 About households (1)

Boyle, Christine  ↑

I,4 Commendations and comments (1)

Bradshaw, David  ↑

II,3 Polygamy and secular concepts

II,5 Is corporate repentance really possible?

Bratten, Rebecca  ↑

I,1 To Systematize or not to Systematize: Philosophy at a Catholic University

I,5 Democracy: The voice of God or the madness of the mob?

Bratten, Judith  ↑

II,3 Thanks for discomfort

Bratten, Joanna K. M.  ↑

I,2 Wherefore fine arts?

I,6 Liturgical music at FUS: A call to reform the present style

II,1 Sports before studies: FUS not exempt from the American-college tendency to idolize athletics

II,7 To homeschool or not to homeschool

III,1 R.I.P. A tribute to some great lives

IV,1 Pluralism and orthodoxy

IV,5 Dr. Martin does it again

IV,6 ‘In loco parentis’: invasions of privacy or moral formation?

V,2 What matters the identity or the sexual orientation of ‘Shakespeare’?

Brown, Elizabeth  ↑

I,5 Commendations (6)

Brown, Carole  ↑

I,2 NFP (1)

V,3 A match made in heaven

Brown, Benjamin J.  ↑

IV,5 A closer look at evolution

Brown, Ben  ↑

IV,6 The real purpose of liberal education

V,1 More on the aim of education: Ben Brown replies to his critics

V,3 Liberal arts and professional programs: a reply to Jason Negri

V,5 Computers and liberal learning

V,7 Education is not primarily about preparing to evangelize in the workplace

VII,1 Time travel: is it the future or is it fantasy?

VIII,1 Hobbits and Hogwarts

Brust, Steven J.  ↑

II,3 Disappointed with the Concourse

Caldecott, Stratford  ↑

I,6 God and Caesar

I,7 Capitalism (1)

Cascino, Glen  ↑

V,8 Shakespeare and the Catholic question

Cavanaugh O'Keefe, John F.  ↑

V,5 Rights of workers: an under-appreciated part of Catholic social teaching

Chervin, Ronda  ↑

V,7 Idol worship of the ‘A’ and the student/professor relationship

Christine, Myriah  ↑

III,2 About secular vocations

Clark, Cat  ↑

II,9 In defense of Noelle Hiester

Cole, Peter  ↑

IV,5 FUS needs to get more practical about education

IV,7 Preparing students to compete in the global economy

V,2 A key difference between ‘Church work’ and regular ‘work’

V,7 The God gap in the workplaces of the world

Convery, R.J.  ↑

I,2 Core curriculum (1)

Craig, William  ↑

V,8 Reforming our thinking about courtship and sexuality

Crosby, John Henry  ↑

VI,2 The nature and autonomy of philosophy

VIII,2 Biotechnology: what we don’t know tells us what we can’t do

Crosby, John F.  ↑

I,1 Shouldn’t we have a real core curriculum at Franciscan University?

I,6 Chairman addresses the question of Thomism in Franciscan University’s philosophy department

I,7 Finding common ground between Thomists and non-Thomists in Catholic philosophy

II,1 In reply to Mark Fischer’s defense of the present core curriculum

II,3 Last words on the core

III,2 FUS and distance education: Some doubts

III,3 Doubts about DE that won’t go away: Response to Dr. Miletic

III,4 Oral traditions and distance education

IV,1 JPII to FUS: Do not be afraid to listen to the surrounding culture

IV,6 Another thought on modesty

VIII,1 Beware laxism

Cross, Richard W.  ↑

II,4 Why the little boy is more apt than the dwarf

Cummins, Kay  ↑

II,4 Dancing for God

II,8 Fantasy and moral development

Cummins, Dan and Kay  ↑

III,6 The link between contraception and the Ezzo parenting method

de la Prada, Edy Morel  ↑

I,2 Why the Church gives St. Thomas primacy of place in Catholic education

I,4 St. Thomas and freedom: a reply to Richard Gordon

I,7 A respectful reply to Dr. Crosby

DeLine, Katherine E.M.  ↑

I,1 ‘Preach Out’ beats out prejudice

VI,2 Thanks for the words about Eastern Christianity

Demasi, Julio  ↑

I,5 Keeping Caesar under God: Social doctrines provide the true measure of economic systems

Dimmock, Fr. Giles  ↑

II,8 On Catholic charity or tolerance

Doman, John  ↑

V,6 The Shakespeare issue: a response from a literature student

Dragani, Anthony T.  ↑

IV,6 A growing thirst for traditional liturgy

VI,1 The importance of understanding Eastern Christianity

Egan, Catherine  ↑

V,8 Thank you, thank you!

Ellis, Maria  ↑

II,2 A plea from a Frisbee lover

Ellis, Daniel  ↑

I,4 Technology and Simplicity in Catholic Culture

I,6 NFP and breastfeeding

II,1 Subscription renewal

V,7 Inner life of society determines value of economic systems

Englert, Robert  ↑

V,1 Why I reject the Shakespearean ‘heresies’

Faraj, Becky  ↑

I,5 Commendations (5)

Faraj, Albert  ↑

I,7 Commendations and comments (2)

Fischer, Susan C.  ↑

I,2 NFP (2)

II,8 The complexity of schooling choices

III,6 Student Life’s image tarnished by failure to respond to criticism

IV,5 Why non-liberal majors need a liberal core

IV,7 Education not limited to the mind

VI,1 Women and politics: Do they mix?

Fischer, Susan  ↑

II,2 How higher education pays off for full time mothers

Fischer, Mark  ↑

I,2 The ‘role’ of rock: Beauty and truth in the not so fine arts

I,3 Rock music: A response to Andrew Minto

I,4 When judges play king: Suicide becomes a Constitutional right

I,7 A defense of a diversified core

II,2 More on the curriculum debate

II,5 Trumpeting all the right views will not solve the crisis facing America

IV,7 The importance of engaging questions about our campus culture

VII,1 A new kind of scandal

Fischer, Charles  ↑

I,2 Commendations (1)

Fish, Matthew  ↑

IV,7 According to the Tradition, education aims beyond the intellect

Flood, Tony  ↑

IV,1 The reality of war and our proper response

Fougerousse, Richard  ↑

II,1 God and grunge revisited

Fox, Jim  ↑

I,2 Core curriculum (2)

I,7 The goodness of Democracy & the aristocratic response

II,5 Thomas not just a doctor, but a saint

III,4 Distance Education: is it good enough?

Genato, Sofia  ↑

V,3 Let’s improve our stats

Glass, Amanda  ↑

II,1 Dance has no place in Liturgical context

Gordon, Richard  ↑

I,1 What is Opus Dei, and what role does it play at Franciscan University?

I,3 The freedom of Catholic philosophers: Why we need not necessarily give primacy to St. Thomas

Graham, Thomas E.  ↑

II,6 Capitalism re-clarified, from a different perspective

II,8 The moral role of government

Griesemer, Joe  ↑

IV,1 Compliments from a reader

Gronbacher, Gregory M.A.  ↑

III,2 About households (2)

Gutierrez, Omar F.A.  ↑

IV,3 A proper pluralism: balancing the truth with freedom of conscience

Harold, Philip  ↑

V,6 Towards a humane economy: a reply to Thomas Storck

V,8 A personalist point regarding economics

VI,2 Broadening the Distributism Discussion

Hatcher, Gerald E.  ↑

III,3 Campus Spiritualities: Tongues in Scripture

Healy, Nick Jr.  ↑

II,9 On hope, heaven and hell

Healy, Nicholas J.  ↑

I,7 God and Grunge at Franciscan University

II,5 Considering receptivity in rethinking economic structures

III,3 How might we improve our education for both residents and DE students?

Healy, Michael J.  ↑

V,5 On the virtue of studiousness

Healy, Michael  ↑

II,5 Sexism in any form denigrates both men and women

II,7 A reply on feminism and masculinism

III,5 How hobbits and company might really exist

IV,3 Some follow-up remarks on the Tolkien discussion

IV,5 What should Catholics think of evolution?

VI,2 Reflections on the last issue

Healy, Mary  ↑

II,4 Corporate Contrition: Repenting for the sins of two millenia

II,6 A reply on repentance

III,3 Absence of the Real Presence

Hernon, Michael and Alicia  ↑

IV,2 Being wise parents means being open to learning from different perspectives

Hernon, Alicia  ↑

II,8 When zeal for orthodoxy overcomes charity

II,9 Charisms are traditional

III,6 The Challenge of Ephesians 5:21-33

Heydorn, Oliver  ↑

VI,2 Overbearing theology emasculates philosophy

VIII,1 Social credit: a distributist reform of the financial system

Hiester, Noelle  ↑

II,7 Lay ministers of the Eucharist are supposed to be ‘extraordinary’

III,5 Should Catholics oppose the death penalty?

Holmes, John R.  ↑

II,4 Objections from an etymologist

II,6 Can E.T.‘s be? Do they fit in with the O.T. and the N.T.?

Houser, Michael  ↑

V,3 The ideal of perfecting the mind is timeless

V,4 Complimentary opponents of modernism

VII,1 A plea for the promotion of the Tridentine Rite

Houser, Michael  ↑

VIII,1 The logic of love

VIII,2 Liturgical reforms were valid, but defective

Hunt, Susan  ↑

IV,7 Professionalism—primary or secondary?

JMS,  ↑

III,6 Everyone’s a poet

Johnston, Scott  ↑

VI,1 Reconsidering the term ‘Baptism in the Holy Spirit’

VI,2 How we should imitate St. Thomas in our philosophizing

VII,1 The mysterious difference between the sexes.

Kay, Nina  ↑

I,7 Commendations and comments (3)

Kellmeyer, Steve  ↑

VI,1 Philosophy department at FUS needs a better theological base

Kelly, Thomas E.  ↑

V,6 Liberal arts with professional training: the best of both worlds

Kemmis, Katherine  ↑

I,3 Core curriculum (3)

Kinerney, Butch  ↑

V,3 Balance in parenting methods

Kovach, Edward G.  ↑

IV,2 The Real Answer to ‘The Last Question:’ Limits to the power of computers

IV,4 Many projections of Y2K disasters are based on fear and hype

Kroeger, Steve  ↑

VI,2 Reviving the renewal

Lagan, Irene M.  ↑

II,3 Changing the rhetoric in the abortion debate

Lee, Patrick  ↑

V,8 Is St. Thomas’s thought egoistical?

Loizzo, Joseph A.  ↑

I,5 Core curriculum and critical thinking

Magaletta, Elizabeth  ↑

II,3 The persistence of ‘masculinism’ at Franciscan University

II,6 Elizabeth Magaletta replies to Michael Healy on Feminism

Magree, Magree  ↑

IV,3 Enjoying the concourse

Maher, Patricia  ↑

II,8 The blessings of tension

Marra, Bill  ↑

I,3 Ode to Heidegger

Martin, Regis  ↑

I,2 Commendations (2)

I,6 Core curriculum (4)

II,1 A thank you note

III,1 Where do we go from here?

IV,4 What liberal educators may not omit

Martinez, Gabriel  ↑

VIII,2 The unfeasibility of the Social Credit solution

Maxim, Cathy I.  ↑

III,1 A question to ponder

May, Richard W.  ↑

III,3 FUS distance ed: a gift to the Church: A current student’s perspective

McElwee, Mary  ↑

I,2 The Aesthetics of Architecture

II,3 Scholarship at Franciscan University

McFerran, Noel S.  ↑

III,5 Little hope for change

McGuiness, Matt  ↑

III,2 An outsider’s perspective on the household problem

Miletic, Stephen  ↑

III,2 FUS and distance education: At the threshold of a new missionary frontier

Minto, Andrew L.  ↑

I,3 What is a responsible appraisal of rock?

Negri, Jason  ↑

III,1 No shame in success

V,2 Preparing FUS graduates for the modern world

V,8 Arrogant idealism

VII,1 ‘The Fellowship of the Ring’: the film is not the book.

O'Connor, Sr. Mary  ↑

III,6 The gospel and disarmament

of Franciscan University, the PhenTom  ↑

II,4 Grasping at Receptivity

Ortiz, Ivan  ↑

II,2 Sports at Franciscan University

Pattee, Fr. Daniel  ↑

I,7 Liturgical music

Peck, Michael  ↑

IV,3 A wake-up call regarding the judicial usurpation of politics

Puccio, Carole  ↑

I,3 NFP (3)

Scharfe, Courtney  ↑

I,6 Thomism

Schmiedicke, Regina  ↑

I,6 Liturgical music at FUS: Some points in defense of the present style

I,7 Making ‘the connection’: A Steubenville education

II,3 The downsides of capitalism

II,6 Regina Schmiedicke defends the third way

IV,4 Modesty and beauty - the lost connection

V,1 The problem of unjust conditions in Catholic organizations

Schmiesing, Kevin  ↑

I,6 Democracy

IV,3 More research, less religion: What’s wrong with modern universities

V,2 Response to ‘The problem of unjust conditions in Catholic organizations.’

V,8 Distributism or the Free Economy?

Schmiesing, Justine  ↑

II,5 The Catholic Church and the Little Green Man

II,6 The ivory tower of campus life

III,6 They’re ba-a-ack

IV,6 Noticing the attractiveness of modesty among FUS women

V,3 Literary works not severed from their human source

Schmiesing, David  ↑

II,7 Confrontation and culture at Franciscan University

V,1 The value of leadership development seminars

VI,2 A different interpretation of the social encyclicals

Schmiesing, Anne  ↑

III,3 Distance technology alone cannot provide a proper university education

III,6 Bad attitudes toward childbearing contribute to the pro-abortion cause

V,3 Cultivating the intellect

Schultz, Mark  ↑

II,1 Ride on, King Jesus: The blessing of ‘black’ music

Sharafinski, Ralph  ↑

V,4 Baptism in the Holy Spirit goes beyond the charisms

Smith, Michael H.  ↑

I,4 Rock music and Catholic culture

Stearns, Ruth Ann  ↑

III,2 Commendations (7)

Storck, Thomas  ↑

V,5 What is distributism?

V,7 The good of distributism: a reply to critics

VI,1 Distributism, state power and papal teachings

VII,1 The economic role of the medieval guilds

VIII,1 Marriage and the use of Natural Family Planning

VIII,2 Kudos to Heydorn

Student Forum, Franciscan University  ↑

IV,7 The Nature, Purpose and Value of Public Discourse

Tate, Adam  ↑

I,4 Core curriculum and anti-intellectualism

II,8 Traditionalists, charismatics and the liturgy

III,3 Campus Spiritualities: Responding to charismatic critics

V,4 What does ‘charismatic’ really mean?

VI,2 Eastern Christianity and Western Liturgical Reform

TG,  ↑

VIII,1 NFP and peace of mind

the editors,  ↑

I,1 Why the Concourse; Why now?

I,5 Getting personal

I,6 Apologia pro disputatione musica

I,7 Concluding remarks

I,7 The first annual Concourse Grand Prize

II,9 Winner of the second annual Concourse Grand Prize

III,6 Winner of the third annual Concourse Grand Prize

IV,7 Prize announcements

V,8 Prize announcements

Howard, Thomas  ↑

I,5 Commendations (4)

Thomas, Robert  ↑

IV,1 More compliments

Toner, Patrick  ↑

VIII,1 On the (Im)possibility of time travel

van Schaijik, Kathleen  ↑

I,1 NFP, by itself, does not compromise the marriage vocation

I,2 What is a ‘real’ Catholic education?

I,3 Orthodox not paradox

I,4 How does a university evangelize?

I,4 NFP and connaturality

I,5 Thomism and intellectual freedom

I,7 Keeping our worship in step with ‘what the Spirit is saying’ to FUS

II,1 Can charismatics and traditionalists peacefully coexist?

II,1 The horror of polygamy and the persistence of chauvinistic theories in Catholic academia

II,2 The challenge of the Concourse: discussion without (much) contention

II,3 When old ideas are breaking up

II,4 Why the polygamy problem is not as passe as it appears: Kathleen van Schaijik responds to critics

II,9 Why ‘charismatic spirituality’ belongs at the heart of our communal life

III,1 What is the University Concourse?

III,1 How not to help households

III,3 Silence betokens ... What?

III,4 The freedom of stricture

III,5 What were households meant to be?

III,5 Different degrees of authority

IV,1 Love Never Leaves

IV,2 Faith and Reason

IV,5 A different perspective on the modesty question

IV,6 Strangers to the world

V,1 New face, same spirit

V,3 The ‘Stratford man’ and the Shakespearean canon: no match at all

V,4 Bringing the masses from starvation to full strength

V,6 Branching out through Christus Magister

V,6 Kathleen van Schaijik replies to John Doman on Shakespeare

V,7 A Catholic critique of a current notion of courtship

VI,1 The evil of exorcising judgement

VII,1 Jump Start

VII,1 Abusing NFP

VII,1 It’s not the Vatican, it’s the laity

III,6 Last words (for now)

III,6 A suggestion regarding Extraordinary Ministers

III,6 Catholic teaching on capital punishment

III,6 A final thought on the household issue

III,6 What is our mission, really?

III,6 What if Shakspere wasn’t Shakespeare?

III,6 Clinton’s sorry legacy

III,6 Evolution

III,6 Intimidated? Please don’t be.

III,6 A gift for the graduates of ‘98

III,6 A point of policy

III,6 A point of principle

III,6 A word of thanks

IV,7 Happy & sad

IV,7 Oxford gaining on Shakspere

IV,7 Of private and collegiate morality

IV,7 Newman, education and context

IV,7 Witnesses to Faith in the face of death

IV,7 Viva the class of ‘99!

IV,7 A prize winning physicist out of his depth

IV,7 A positive psychology

IV,7 How to become a leader

IV,7 Campus politics

IV,7 Thanksgiving

V,8 Fr. Michael’s achievement

V,8 Charity may be severe

V,8 On the other side of the same coin

V,8 Shakespeare debate update

V,8 Beware of economic Puritanism

V,8 What the education debate is and isn’t about

V,8 The Weimar Republicans

V,8 Drawing out an analogy

V,8 Dear Class of 2000

V,8 How to support the Concourse by buying books

V,8 Thanksgiving

van Schaijik, Jules  ↑

II,3 On dwarfs, giants and little boys

von Hildebrand, Alice  ↑

I,6 Providentialism and rock music

II,9 Why tradition in the liturgy is so important to our religious life

III,3 The abysmal difference between two orders of goodness

IV,2 Charity requires us to proclaim the fullness of Truth

IV,4 The arrogance complex

V,2 Brief comments on two of last semester’s articles

Waldstein, Michael  ↑

I,4 St. Thomas and Catholic connaturality

II,2 Polygamy, the Natural Law and St. Thomas

Weiner, Jim  ↑

III,1 Filling out the meaning of the term ‘Charismatic’

Weldon, Eric M.  ↑

II,3 Polygamy in natural law

Welker, Michael  ↑

I,3 God and Caesar: Christianity in the marketplace

II,5 Et tu, Regina?

V,2 The danger of over-generalizing a few instances of injustice

V,6 Clarifying some points on unfair labor practices

Welker, Cynthia and Michael  ↑

I,5 Rock music

Williams, Timothy J.  ↑

V,5 The eternally practical liberal arts

Wrasman, Michael  ↑

V,4 Learning about the Eastern Rites

Wright, Christopher P.  ↑

I,3 Commendations (3)

II,9 Renewed commendations

III,2 An alum’s perspective on households

Zare, Jeff  ↑

V,8 The influence of Puritanism

Ziegler, Jeff  ↑

II,2 Polygamy and name calling

III,4 Roma locuta est, causa finita est: the end of a Concourse debate

IV,1 A most urgent work of mercy

V,4 Latin, Gregorian Chant, and the Spirit of Vatican II

Zoric, Joseph  ↑

V,6 (re)Distributism (re)Considered

VIII,2 Social Credit is no alternative