Thank you, thank you!

by Catherine Egan

When I picked up the latest issue of the University Concourse and spotted an article regarding courtship, I had to sigh. I fully expected a typically Steubenville affirmation of this oddest of rituals. I was, however, most pleasantly surprised, and not a little impressed, to find that someone had actually taken a Catholic (not to mention common sense) approach to dealing with the topic. As an engaged person on campus, I find your treatment of the love that leads to marriage refreshing. Thank God that someone has finally focused on how beautiful a dating relationship has the potential to be!

My fiance and I both are very grateful that you chose to address the fallacies of the courtship theory—an idea that is, we believe, inherently unCatholic. One can only hope that on a campus so justly famous for its vibrant Catholicism this richer understanding of love will finally come to supplant its Protestant cousin.

Catherine Egan: FUS junior, English/drama major