Commendations (5)

by Becky Faraj

I was so excited to receive the first issues of the Concourse—I plunged right in up to my eyeballs! How reminiscent of so many fabulous discussions at FUS! It is such refreshing joy not only to get the intellect humming again, but also to jump right back into campus life, in a way. We and a few other alums (plus a brother and sister-in-law) are anxious to get together and discuss some of these issues—hopefully on a regular basis.

Some of my favorites have been the on-going music debate, the core curriculum controversy (I say “Amen!” to modifying things toward stronger unity and coherence!), the excellent piece on Opus Dei, and my absolute favorite (and almost constant topic of discussion and debate), the Natural Family Planning “conversation.”

My husband and I are certified teachers of NFP, and in our experience by far the greatest amount of discussion is generated by concerns over “grave reasons” to postpone or limit family size, and the whole “providentialist” issue. It is easy to give flip answers to serious questions in front of a class who just want to learn the method. But more often than not the questions resurface—especially upon realization of the startling 99% effectiveness statistic! What a powerful, powerful knowledge we have! What weighty matters we must prayerfully consider!

I am grateful for all this dialogue in the Concourse. It provides much food for thought to bring to those I wish to serve. Keep it up!

Becky Faraj, Class of ‘90

Becky (Lennon) Faraj is married to Albert Faraj, brother of Fouad (‘89) and George (‘92) Faraj-Musleh. They live in Dearborn Michigan with their two children.