Prize announcements

by the editors

This year’s Concourse Grand Prize,

Dinner for two at the Grand Concourse Restaurant in Pittsburgh,

goes to MA Theology student


for his issue 6 article:
A growing thirst for traditional liturgy

The editors chose this article from among several worthy contenders for the skill and sensitivity with which it addresses a very touchy topic. Although the author took a strong and unpopular stand, he did so in a manner that was engagingly personal, substantive, thought-provoking, practical, and not the least bit condemnatory of other points of view.

The first ever Concourse Baby-Grand Prize,

a $30 gift certificate to,

goes to alumna

Martha Blandford

for her response to Ben Brown (this issue) entitled:
The will and the intellect are inseparable

We chose this article for the thoughtful and cheerful way in which its author engages another writer’s ideas—commending and challenging him in one and the same paragraph, as well as throwing fresh light on an important discussion.

Our thanks and congratulations to both winners!

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